Is a apple tree evergreen?

Answer No. Apple trees are deciduous, in other words they drop all their leaves in the autumn.

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Are apple trees evergreen?

No, apple trees [species Malus Domestica] aren't evergreen.Evergreen plants have foliage which remains green throughout the year. Old leaves die and are shed, new leaves grow, but the plant remains... Read More »

Irrigation of an Evergreen Tree?

Evergreen trees such as pine, spruce, juniper, larch and arborvitae provide year-round color, beauty, shade and shelter to wildlife. Similar to deciduous trees, evergreens also require water to thr... Read More »

Indoor Evergreen Tree Care?

Certain types of evergreen trees have characteristics that make them suitable for indoor growing. A tree that grows to 200 feet outdoors will probably not work well inside. Choose smaller conifers ... Read More »

How do i shape a spiral evergreen tree?

Choose Your TreePick an evergreen without bare spots. There should be no browning throughout the foliage. The tree should have a strong, tell central trunk and lead branch. Before you shape it, the... Read More »