Is a W-4 different for separate jobs?

Answer The information on a Form W-4 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ensures that employers submit the right amount of annual federal income taxes for each employee. Individuals with several jobs ... Read More »

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Can you collect short term disability from two separate jobs?

If you have a qualifying injury/accident, have private SDI from your employers and can't perform your duties at either job yes you can collect disability from both companies. Check with your Human ... Read More »

Are separate certificates of deposit equivalent to separate IRAs?

Opening separate certificates of deposit equates to having separate IRAs. You can deposit up to $5,000 of after-tax income annually in each certificate of deposit (CD). If you are 50 or older, the ... Read More »

Does each separate tv in a house need a separate aerial?

No, one antenna with a RF amplifier/splitter and a coax cable to each TV will do the job.

How to Separate First Names and Last Names Into Separate Fields in a Microsoft Excel List?

If you work with spreadsheets and get a spreadsheet with first and last names combined, you know you cannot sort by last names. Sorting by the field with both first and last combined is of no use. ... Read More »