Is a W-4 different for separate jobs?

Answer The information on a Form W-4 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ensures that employers submit the right amount of annual federal income taxes for each employee. Individuals with several jobs ... Read More »

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Can you collect short term disability from two separate jobs?

If you have a qualifying injury/accident, have private SDI from your employers and can't perform your duties at either job yes you can collect disability from both companies. Check with your Human ... Read More »

Can a car have two separate insurance policies by two different people?

On One Hand: There's No Law Against ItIt's legal to have more than one policy on the same vehicle, whether or not the policy is set up by different people. Insurance companies don't check to see i... Read More »

Different Concrete for Different Jobs?

Concrete is the combination of cement and aggregate. Cement is most commonly Portland cement, a powder containing a high quantity of calcium sulfate. Aggregate is usually gravel or sand. The ceme... Read More »

I would like to combine two separate accounts I made a mistake and put second pet on a different account?