Is a Union Bank's Platinum Master money ATM card holder covered for worldwide automatic travel accident and baggage delay insurance if they purchase airline tickets wih the card?

Answer 555.17 kilometres (344.97 miles)

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My husband has travel insurance through a gold mastercard credit card. He was killed in a bicycle accident while traveling in vermont. He lived in Massachusetts. Is he covered?

Check with the bank that issued the gold credit card and ask that they provide you with the policy details for any coverage that was associated with your husbands card. I would doubt if any coverag... Read More »

Can You Purchase Airline Tickets With a Debit Card?

All major airlines accept payment via credit or debit cards. Many also accept other forms of payment, either online or at a ticket office, such as personal or electronic check, cash or PayPal.Refer... Read More »

If I am paying for air tickets with my First National Westbank credit card Do they offer some sort of travel insurance?

In most circumstances no. The liability portion of the landlords insurance policy provides some protection for the landlord, but only if some neglect or other type of liability can be proven on th... Read More »

A Green Card holder and wanna travel to Swiss?

Whether you have a green card doesn't matter, getting a visa only depends on your nationality, in your case Vietnamese. If you want to apply for a visa or need further information, contact the near... Read More »