Is a US iPod Touch compatible in Europe?

Answer the European and us versions are essentially the same. although the European version does come with an option to restrict the volume. however this can be disabled.

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Is the new iPod Touch compatible with older iPod accessories?

yes it is as long as the cetain accessorie will fit an ipod touch.iPod touches must have special cases, but things like headphones or iHomes will work with the iPod touch like any other iPod.BUT, s... Read More »

What does it mean when a app isn't compatible with a iPod touch?

it either means that the app is requires a microphone and can only be used with the iphone, or it means that your ipod needs to be updated and installed with a newer version.

Are skullcandy fmj earbuds compatible with iPod touch 4th gen?

Earphones wont blow up by any volume that could be on electronics unless it is on Imax sound.

Is the sonic impact v55 compatible with the ipod touch?

The Sonic Impact V55 is compatible with Video iPods including the iPod Touch generation one. This system does not support other iPod Touch generations except through the audio-visual component cab... Read More »