Is a TFT or LCD monitor better?

Answer On One Hand: Greater PowerTFT monitors are actually a form of LCD monitor, one that provides every single pixel on the screen with a separate transistor. The dedicated transistors require very litt... Read More »

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TV Monitor and Computer Monitor, Which is better for PC gaming as well as Xbox?

TV for gaming WAS a big no no but TV came a long way since then. I think it's more of a personal choice now. Some people don't like to see 24" resolution (1900x1200) on a 40" screen because it's ki... Read More »

I want whether a LCD monitor or a CRT monitor is better?

Use an LCD monitor rather than a CRT. Most of us are probably using LCDs today anyway, but if you are using a CRT, consider switching. LCDs use less energy than CRTs. You can easily tell simply fro... Read More »

Which is better ,LCD monitor or Plasma monitor?

Plasma vs LCDThe ADVANTAGES of Plasma over LCD are:1. Larger screen size availability.2. Better contrast ratio and ability to render deeper blacks.3. Better color accuracy and saturation.4. Better ... Read More »

PC dual screen; HDMI HDTV with secondary vga monitor why does the monitor look better than the hdtv?

Tv's usally only support HD formats natively. 1600x1080 is not a native HD format as far as I know, so it is probably scaling to fit which usually looks very bad. Set the HDTV to either 1920x1080p ... Read More »