Is a TB skin test safe when pregnant?

Answer Answer My obstetrician, whom I know well and who is well-respected in his field, allowed me to undergo a TB skin test when I was in my first trimester.

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Is it possible to get pregnant the day before the start of your period and when is it safe to take a pregnancy test?

Yes. You can get pregnant at any time. Even while you are having your period.It is safe to take a test any time you want to. But you will be pretty much wasting your time/money unless you wait till... Read More »

What are the chances of getting pregnant when having unprotected sex when you have the Implanon implant fitted I've had it in for two weeks now and I was just curious. When is it safe after gettin it?

Answer There is still a 1% chance in rare cases that you can conceive but the implant should protect you against pregnancy. Yes but what is the chance of this?? Please can someone help!! I had an ... Read More »

When is it safe to test for pregnancy?

Home pregnancy tests vary in sensitivity. To receive indicative results, WebMD recommends women wait until they are a week late for their period. Testing before this time is safe, but may not provi... Read More »

If you are 5 days late on a period and you take a home test and it comes up a faint positive and then start bleeding am you pregnant and is in safe to be consuming alcohol?

Answer Go see your Doctor or stop by a free medical clinic for a pregnancy test. If you suspect you may be pregnant (If you have to ask this question, you obviously have concerns)it is never "safe... Read More »