Is a S-Video cord better than AV Video cord?

Answer Using an S-Video cable will improve the video quality a bit. Remember, S-Video carries video only, the audio plugs on the AV cable are still needed for the audio...

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Where does my S-Video cord go?

if you have a yellow cord, you don't need to connect the s-video. you only need one, they both are for video. you say splitter, you can't split a yellow cord as that distorts the video. to send ... Read More »

What kinda cord do I need for video out?

Hi Samantha, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: Getting a good Answer here is a two-way street: the more information or detail you give us in your Question, the better we can solve your problem. We'll a... Read More »

How do I get video from my digital camcorder to my computer using an usb cord?

If you contact the Manufacturers Teqnical helpline, they should be able to assit you, also if you go to the website then usually the drivers are available for download.Keep in mind that there are ... Read More »

Is there a cord I can buy that would connect my laptop and my old TV (RCA, S-video & coax inputs)?

No, there is no such cord.You need to buy a converter and it is really not worth it.