Is a Nikonos II still water tight without the flash port cover?

Answer It should be water-tight without the 'tripod socket' (though I won't bet on it). It's anyway designed to be removed for attaching to the flash. More important is to check the gaskets and get them l... Read More »

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What connector is necessary to go between a VGA port and a motherboard without a VGA port?

If a motherboard lacks any type of video output, you will need to add a video card to enable it to communicate with a monitor. If it simply has a different output, such as a DisplayPort, DVI or HD... Read More »

Nikon D5000 and Nikon SB600 Flash How do I set up flash to flash without being on camera?

Gohaleg is right except for one minor detail: the SB-600 doesn't have a commander mode. You'll need either an SB-800 or SB-900 as commander. The 600 can only be a remote.If you're close enough, you... Read More »

How do u cover your boners when ur wearing tight *** pants?

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When you are in the the water do you reboard a personal water craft from the starboard or the port?

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