Is a Kenmore front load with a pedestal noisy ?

Answer According to Consumer Reports, the Kenmore HE2t 4756[1] and Kenmore HE2 Plus 4751[2] models, which are both front-loading washing machines, have serious vibration and noise issues. They both receiv... Read More »

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How to Remove a Kenmore Elite HE4T Front Panel With a Pedestal?

The Kenmore Elite HE4T is a Whirlpool-manufactured, residential, front-loading washing machine with multiple cleaning cycles and a large-capacity wash basket. Kenmore offers a pedestal accessory fo... Read More »

How much can a Kenmore Elite front load washer hold?

Kenmore offers many different models of its Elite front load washing machines, with varying clothing capacity. These range from the Kenmore Elite Ginger model, with a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, t... Read More »

How to Replace Suspension Springs on a Kenmore Elite Front Load?

Kenmore front-load washers have a tub that is set on its side. The tub agitates back and forth during the washing cycle. To prevent the tub from shaking too much during the washing cycles, a series... Read More »

Do I need a pedestal for front-loading washing machines?

Front-load washing machines do not require pedestals; instead, pedestals are sold as optional accessories. Pedestals elevate the height of the washing machine, requiring the user to bend less, maki... Read More »