Is a HELOC dischargeable in bankruptcy?

Answer According to, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) can be discharged when a person files for bankruptcy. Once a foreclosure occurs on a property, the HELOC becomes an unsecured debt and b... Read More »

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When is a heloc dischargeable under bankruptcy?

Determining what will or will not be discharged in a bankruptcy is part of the equation that leaves most people scratching their heads. Homeowners have turned to their property as a way to consolid... Read More »

What Is Dischargeable in a Bankruptcy?

Before deciding whether a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the appropriate option for you, understanding what debts are dischargeable in that type of bankruptcy is crucial. Not all debts can be discharged t... Read More »

When is a debt non-dischargeable in bankruptcy?

There are many types of debt which may not be dischargeable in bankruptcy. These include student loans, criminal fines, fraudulent purchases, alimony and child support, among others. Over the years... Read More »

What do you need to be dischargeable?

You need a reason to be discharged such as misconduct of some sort. Unfortunately, that usually means the potential for criminal prosecution.