Is a GED the same thing as a Commonwealth Diploma?

Answer A GED is not the same as a Commonwealth Diploma. A GED represents that a person has met the requirements of a high school education by passing the GED exam. The Commonwealth Diploma is offered excl... Read More »

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When did the Commonwealth of Dominica become a member of the Commonwealth?

The Commonwealth of Dominica became part of the Commonwealth when it gained independence from Great Britain on November 3, 1978. It has retained independence ever since, even managing to weather an... Read More »

What's the difference between a Local high school diploma v regents diploma?

The U.S. Coast Guard Tartan, though normally worn by pipe band members claiming affiliation with the U.S. Coast Guard, may be worn with the CG Dinner Dress uniforms, CG Service Dress Blue uniform, ... Read More »

Can you get a college diploma with out a high school diploma or a GED?

Fill out applications to colleges, get some interviews, and hope you are accepted.

Is a GED diploma better than a high school diploma?

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