Is a Deed of Assignment equivalent to a Deed of Apartment?

Answer No. In fact, those terms can have different meanings in different jurisdictions. In the UK, a deed of assignment is the instrument that details the transfer of real property from a debtor to the c... Read More »

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What is an assignment of deed of trust?

A deed of trust is the modern-day mortgage. The deed gives your mortgage lender a security interest in your home. Mortgage lenders often sell mortgage loans to other lenders, and when they do that,... Read More »

Is a Corporation Assignment Deed of Trust Legal in Florida?

When a lender makes a loan, there are always two documents involved: a promissory note and a security document for the note. The promissory note is the form that explains what the terms of the loan... Read More »

What is the difference between a deed without warranty& a quit-claim deed?

A deed is executed anytime property ownership changes. Deeds may or may not provide a warranty that the land is free and clear of any liens or other owners. Deeds without warranty and quit-claim de... Read More »

What is the difference between a quit-claim deed&a warranty deed?

There are two distinct classifications of deeds in real estate transactions: warranty deeds and quit-claim deeds. Both are used for transferring interest in real property, however, the situations f... Read More »