Is a Core i5 650@3.2GHz good for gaming?

Answer i5 is more than enough for most games out there. Make sure you are running a descent video card.

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Is A Processor Such as the AMD Athlon II X2 250 Dual-Core CPU still good for gaming?

Yeah it can, but you would probably have to lower the resolution, thus taking away from the full gaming experience. Plus your other components will have a hand in your performance, such as your ra... Read More »

Is Intel Core i5 2400 3.1 GHz a good processor for gaming?

Yes, it's a good processor for gaming.However, if your motherboard supports it, I would recommend spending a little more cash to get the Intel i5 3570K, which is an unlocked processor meaning that ... Read More »

Intel i core PC configuration for best gaming experience under Rs. 33,600 (700$)?

For Gaming,most of your Performance comes from a Graphics Card not the CPU.Graphics card almost counts for 70-75% of your gaming performance.having a Core i7 or core i5 processor won't help you if ... Read More »

Which of these motherboards is better for gaming (are they good for gaming at all)?

The mothernoard does not impact performance very much. I read it changes performance by less than 2% as long as they are the same.The main thing you need to look at is features. for example if they... Read More »