Is a Cooperative real or personal property?

Answer Co-ops can be set up in various ways. Some co-ops are managed by a trust with the trust holding title to the property and some co-ops are set up as a corporation. Residents are shareholders and spe... Read More »

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Is a ceiling fan real property or personal property?

If the ceiling fan is attached to real property (installed), then it is real property. If it is in the trunk of your car, it's personal property. If it was installed when a prospective buyer inspec... Read More »

Are personal property& real estate taxes the same thing?

Personal property taxes and real estate taxes are not the same. Personal property taxes are taxes based on the value of personal property, such as a vehicle, boat, machinery, trailers and additiona... Read More »

What are the safguards used by property management to store personal records to the people and property they are managing?

If there is no agreement between the landowner and the property manager that gives the property manager authority to sign in the name of the landowner, and no request for permission to do so, then ... Read More »

What are the effects of property management and maintenance on real property perfomance?

Yes, if it says so on the lease. Normally these inspections are in the form of "preventive maintenance," meaning they're inspecting the plumbing, air conditioning, and for pests. They have the righ... Read More »