Is a Compaq laptop from Wal-Mart a good buy?

Answer It's not a good buy, it's more of a good bye. I don't think it'll last you for too long

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Is a Compaq Presario a good laptop to purchase?

sure, not bad at all, is it a 64 bit version? if so make sure it has at least 4 gigs of RAM so it will run smoothly. if it is just a 32 bit, which is all you need, you can get away with as little a... Read More »

How to Open an HP Compaq Laptop?

Compaq, which is now a part of Hewlett-Packard, has long been one of the most popular makers of laptop and notebook computers. For the most part, these computers provide excellent service. Even so,... Read More »

How do I get into my compaq laptop I don't know my password?

You can reset your password with Ophcrack. Ophcrack is an Ubuntu utility that you write to a disk, then boot your computer with. 1. Download the ISO below that matches your version of windows and b... Read More »

What is the maximum RAM for a 1.6 gig Compaq laptop?

Although the Compaq Presari 1.6GHz dual core laptop computers available at most retail outlets usually come with 1 GB of installed RAM, they could easily be upgraded to 2 GB of RAM.References:Amazo... Read More »