Is a Compaq laptop from Wal-Mart a good buy?

Answer It's not a good buy, it's more of a good bye. I don't think it'll last you for too long

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Is a Compaq Presario a good laptop to purchase?

sure, not bad at all, is it a 64 bit version? if so make sure it has at least 4 gigs of RAM so it will run smoothly. if it is just a 32 bit, which is all you need, you can get away with as little a... Read More »

How to Remove the LCD Screen From a Compaq Presario Laptop?

If your LCD screen has started to show dead pixels, lines across its screen, or it has shut off altogether, it is time to replace your old screen with a new one. Luckily, although this repair is a ... Read More »

Can I print from my (Windows-7) HP/Compaq 8510p laptop to an HP Deskjet 3820 printer how to do CONT'D BELOW?

The driver(s) should be here:…You can download and install without being connected to the printer.When you connect to the printer it may have to be selecte... Read More »

I think my sisters up to no good how can i keep an eye on her laptop from my laptop?

Get LogMeIn and change the settings so that she can't turn it off.