Is a Citronella Plant Toxic to Dogs?

Answer Like so many confusing monikers, citronella doesn't come from the citronella plant. The citronella plant, also called the mosquito plant, is actually a member of the geranium family. Grown as a mos... Read More »

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Is barberry plant toxic to dogs?

Barberry plants have a toxicity level of 3, making this plant slightly toxic to dogs. All parts of this plant are toxic and the side effects of poisoning from this plant are upset stomachs or derma... Read More »

Is plant food toxic for dogs?

Plant food, especially products made from synthetic ingredients, can be very toxic to a dog. Synthetic plant foods contain chemicals that cause vomiting, illness or even death for many mammals, do... Read More »

Citronella Plant Uses?

Citronella is a tall tropical grass closely related to lemongrass. It's notable for its citrusy scent and insect-repellent oil. Unlike lemongrass, citronella grass is inedible and has an unpleasant... Read More »

How do I plant citronella?

PlantingPlant the citronella from cuttings or as shoots from seeds, in an area with sandy fertile soil with a pH between 6.1 and 7.8, and where it will receive regular rain and full sun. Use a spa... Read More »