Is a Champagne bucket called an icer?

Answer Another word for a Champagne bucket is an "icer." The word icer is used when referring to any ice bucket that is used to chill Champagne or wine before serving.Source:Worthpoint: Solid Brass Champa... Read More »

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What is a champagne bucket called?

Champagne buckets are also known as ice buckets To chill a bottle, add an equal amount of ice and water to the bucket to quickly chill the bottle. You can also chill champagne by putting it in the... Read More »

I need help, i'm not a champagne drinker so i need opinions on a decent Champagne that doesn't cost much?

Go for a sparkling wine rather than Champagne. Champagnes are very expensive whether they are vintage or non-vintage. You could try American sparkling wines such as Domaine Chandon from the Napa ... Read More »

The de icer question?

Yeah right !!! Just spray a little warm water and leave a note inside the car reminding you to put the de-icer back inside the cupboard everytime you use it!!!!

Homemade Window De Icer?

Avoid mysterious chemicals in overpriced store-bought window de-icer formulas by making your own. Homemade de-icers are just as effective and much cheaper. Plus, all the ingredients you need are li... Read More »