Is a CPU suppose to be high or low?

Answer It fluctuates depending on what you're doing. Open up the task manager and you can see the fluctuation. If you have a lot of programs open it will be at a high percentage. If not it'll be down at 3... Read More »

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WHY was eve, not suppose to eat the apple?

Because the apple was a fruit off the Tree of Knowledge, if she ate from the tree of knowledge then she would become knowledgeable like God, which God did not want because he didn't want human bein... Read More »

Is Soy really suppose to be good for you?

It may be true, but regardless it still has great benefits too.. but remember one very simple yet very important rule.. everything in moderation...

Suppose that P(A)=0.45 , P(C∣A)=0.013 , and P(C ′ ∣A ′ )=0.012 . Find P(A∣C) .?

suppose you do your own homework and not ask in the dining out category.

What are BB creams suppose to do?

it's suppose to moisturize and also give you some coverage for your face if you want that more natural look so don't use too much of it.