Is a Broken ankle worse or a sprained one?

Answer Your teammate is incorrect unless he or she can support his or her claim with factual evidence. A sprained ankle is an injury of the ankle where the bone is not damaged but the soft tissues are... Read More »

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Sprained ankle getting worse?

You might have a broken ankle. I know when I was playing volleyball and I thought I had sprained my ankle and so did the team doctor and I was walking on it for two days and then I went to physioth... Read More »

If i walk on my sprained ankle will the swelling get worse, stay the same or go away ?

Broken sprained ankle?

You really hould go see a doctor, an ankle injury is never a good thing.BTW you'd get more answers if you posted this in "Injuries", not "Vegetarian and Vegan".

How can u tell you have a sprained or broken ankle?

That is difficult, I have had both. If it is broken, at least in my case the pain was so severe I could not even take one step on it. However a sprain being painful, you can put some pressure on i... Read More »