Is a 7 hour school day too much for a 4 year old?

Answer it depends on the kid. Your child will adjust. it will take awhile for both of you to adjust.

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How much would SPAR pay a 17 year old an hour?

The first answer is incorrect. The minimum wage for 16-17 year olds is £3.68, increasing to £4.98 for 18-20 year olds and £6.08 for over 21s. So to answer you question SPAR would probably pay £... Read More »

20 hour drive with a 1 year old baby?

I drove 1800 miles with my daughter when she was 6 months.She slept the whole way, I swear to God.It's amazing how scary things turn out to be benign.

Where can a 16 year old get a summer job that pays over 7.15 an hour?

Ill Give U A ListSupermarketPool -lifeguard-Office Mail Dude/DudetteLawn GrassWork In Food As A Bus boy Or Cook Food DelvieryHope It Helped

What do you think of a 3 hour longer school day?

I think it's a horrible idea! They're pretty much making it so that we have to postpone our lives. We'd probably have to move dinner to a later time, and I really don't want my kids eating that lat... Read More »