Is a 640 credit rating excellent, good, fair or poor?

Answer On One Hand: A Good ScoreA credit score of 640 is considered good by A score of 640 is usually high enough for approval for a mortgage loan, credit card or automobile loan. With a 640... Read More »

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What a Credit Rating Score of Excellent or Good Means?

When you apply for a car loan or mortgage, your lender will most likely run a credit check on you. You may be given your credit rating as "excellent," "good," 'fair" or "poor," while not being give... Read More »

Is a credit score of 672 poor, fair or good?

A credit score of 672 is a fair FICO credit score. The score will be good enough to get approved for loans, but you will usually not get the best interest rates.References:My FICO: Understanding Cr... Read More »

What credit rating is excellent?

A credit score ranges from 300 to 850. According to, the highest percentage of the population, roughly 27 percent, has a credit score between 750 and 800. 13 percent of the American popu... Read More »

What is a poor credit rating?

A poor credit rating is usually any score below 620. According to MyFICO, about 15 percent of people have credit scores below 600. If you fall in this category, your loans will be considered "subpr... Read More »