Is a 64 mb video card better than a 16 mb video card?

Answer Video cards with 64 megabytes of memory are better than similar video cards with 16 megabytes of memory. Video cards perform a variety of very fast computations, and having more memory allows them ... Read More »

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I was wounding witch video card is better XFX Radeon HD 4650 Video Card - 1024MB DDR2 or GeForce 9600?

The GeForce 9600GT is much better, you're comparing a $60 card to a $85 card.The Radeon 4650 is slightly better than a GeForce 9500GT. The Radeon 4670 is better than both of those cards, and the ... Read More »

Video editing, is the video card relevant when convering video formats?

It does actually, though I assume it would be dependent on the software to some extent.Since I didn't know how much of a difference it made (only that it did make a difference), I timed it.Using Xi... Read More »

Having a video card better then having no card at all and more questions!?

That depends, but in most cases the answer is Yes. It seems like that would be the case here. Q1) No, most likely not. You will have to use the HDMI port on the graphics card, or a miniHDMI to HDMI... Read More »

Better Gaming Video Card?

The performance of a graphics card is not determined strictly by the manufacturer brand or the type of memory. Some GDDR3 cards are faster than some GDDR5 cards, it's the card model that matters m... Read More »