Is a 6 year old still a baby?

Answer No, its not even a toddler no more here's the age list: 0-4 years old-baby/toddler 5-13 years old-child 14-18 years old- teenager 19 and older-adult

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I haven't had a period since my baby was born a year ago can i still get pregnant again?

You need to see your doctor to find out why you are not having your period, especially for a whole year, something else maybe going on that needs attention immediately.

I hade a big keloid on the back of my ear I got it removed last year but I still have a should I say baby?

this quistion makes no sense? i had a big keloid on the back of my ear i got it remvoed last year but i still have a should i say baby? WT>>>>?????????????? whattt?

Your five year old still has all of his baby teeth He has started complaining of his cheeks being in pain to the touch Could this be related to a sudden loss of teeth?

Answer More than likely, it is teething pain associated with erupting 6 year molars. Those teeth will appear behind his last baby molars, and he does not have to lose any baby teeth before they co... Read More »

Can you tell if the baby is autistic before it was born. ie. While the baby is still in the mother's womb?

No, this shows in the child's behavior when the child is a bit older.