Is a 50 caliber muzzleloader good for hunting elk?

Answer On One Hand: The Power of the .50 Caliber MuzzleloaderA .50 caliber muzzleloader is a powerful weapon that is certainly capable of taking down a large elk, even at great distances. Because of the t... Read More »

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How to Measure the Bore Caliber of a Muzzleloader?

If you want to achieve the maximum possible accuracy with your modern muzzleloading rifle, you need to know your weapon's exact bore diameter. Firearms manufacturers provide nominal information abo... Read More »

Why can't we use a 243 caliber rifle for deer hunting in Ohio?

Ohio, like some other states, demands that hunters use only shotgun slugs to take big game such as deer. The .243 Winchester, being a high-velocity rifle cartridge, is not permitted for hunting. Th... Read More »

What is the minimum pistol caliber for hunting deer in Florida?

A .40 caliber is the minimum for hunting deer in Florida, if using a muzzleloading single-shot pistol. As of 2010, no other non-muzzleloading minimum pistol caliber requirements exist in Florida's ... Read More »

What are some schools that are similar in academic caliber to Boston College and also boast good ROTC...any branch... programs?

The Environmental Studies program requires you to take at least 20 units from a different department as an outside concentration. I have a friend that has an ROTC scholarship and is a Economics maj... Read More »