Is a 4gb sd card "better " than an 8 gb one ?

Answer I don't know where you heard that larger cards fail ... they don't. I have been shooting using digital memory cards for over six years and have NEVER had one fail. The cards are designed to per... Read More »

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What makes a graphics card better than another?

Just look at reviews and benchmarks. That'll give you a good overall idea.But:-Number of cores (also known as stream processors, shaders, processing units). Higher the better. (note - don't directl... Read More »

Is Paying Several Times on a Credit Card Better Than One Payment?

Garden hose carts serve as outdoor accessories that store garden hoses in an accessible manner. Hoses wrap around the central cylinder of these wheeled carts while a crank allows users to easily re... Read More »

Why other people have better graphics than me using the same graphic card?

Its probably your processor bro. Some games are CPU demanding some are gpu (video card) demanding like bf3. I'm gonna guess and say civilazatiom is a CPU game because its a arts . I think your vide... Read More »

Does an expensive memory card give better pictures in a digital camera than a cheap one?

It may store more pictures, be less likely to malfunction, and or have a higher read/write speed, but it won't make your pictures lok better.