Is a 403(b) a Roth IRA?

Answer A 403(b) and Roth IRAs are two different retirement plans. Employers that hold a nonprofit or public service status like a city government offer 403(b) plans. A Roth IRA can be opened and contribut... Read More »

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How do i roll a 403b into a roth ira?

IRA CustodianOpen a new Roth IRA. There are many choices regarding where to open an account, so ask tax or legal advisers for recommendations if you are unsure where to start. The IRS allows a dire... Read More »

How do I convert a 403b to a Roth IRA?

New CustodianFind a Roth IRA custodian you want to work with. This should be a firm--whether bank, brokerage or self-directed--that is capable of hosting the specific investments you want in your R... Read More »

Roth 403B Rules?

403b plans are offered to people who work for certain non-profit organizations, such as public schools, to help them save money for retirement. Roth 403b plans are an after-tax retirement savings p... Read More »

How to Convert a 403B to a Roth IRA in 2010?

Converting assets in a 403b tax-sheltered annuity into a Roth IRA restructures assets from a tax-deferred income stream into a potentially tax-free income stream. To obtain tax-free income, the IRA... Read More »