Is a 401k the same as a traditional ira?

Answer A 401k plan and a traditional IRA offer similar tax benefits, but they are not the same type of plan. While 401k plans are offered only through employers, traditional IRAs are opened and managed by... Read More »

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Does a 401k/403b or traditional ira work better?

On One Hand: Traditional IRAsTraditional IRAs allow you to more control over your investments. The only investments prohibited by the Internal Revenue Service are collectible items. With a 401k or ... Read More »

401k Rollover to IRA: Roth or Traditional?

If you leave your employer, rolling your 401k into an IRA allows you to continue investing and control your retirement funds. Choosing the type of IRA, either a traditional or a Roth, can be diffic... Read More »

How to Put a 401k Into an IRA?

When you leave an employer, make sure to take the funds in your 401k with you. Once you leave a company, you are no longer able to make contributions into its 401k program. Moving your 401k balance... Read More »

How much should I contribute to my 401K?

I agree with Steven F's 15% strategy. Always strive to save 15% of your gross (pre-tax) income toward retirement. If you can manage, save another 10% for other needs, such as your emergency accou... Read More »