Is a 3g sim card compatible with the H891 touch screen?

Answer It won't harm anything, if you are really worried and don't want to update it, don't update it, or you can just wait till the next upgrade to upgrade the iPhone.

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What is the maximum size SD card you can use with Vivitar DVR 1080HD Touch Screen Camcorder?

It's only compatible with SD cards. That means you are limited to a maximum 2GB and is the reason it's such a cheap unit: it is recycled old technology connected to a more modern larger resolution ... Read More »

Can you switch out ipod touch lcd screen with a iphone 3g lcd screen?

Well, I think you can. It depends what your doing, like intallation.

Is the Aluratek multiformat media-card reader compatible with the SmartMedia card?

The Aluratek USB 2.0 Multi-Media Card Reader, product name AUCR204, along with the Aluratek Combo USB 2.0 Hub / Card Reader, product name AUHR300, can both read SmartMedia cards. The other Aluratek... Read More »

Is the SIM card in a iPhone 3G compatible with Sim card from a 3GS?

The iphone 3g is the third generation iphone , is that what you are asking