Is a 3D Camera and/or Camcorder possible?

Answer 3D technologies of widely varying utility have been around for a couple of centuries. 3D object identification/interpretation schemes also exist, and again, with widely varying success and utility.... Read More »

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Calling all camera and camcorder gurus: Best Night vision camcorder for my situation?

You don't want a camcorder.The better investment will be a security/surveillance camera system.Start with a budget.For about $500 or less there are consumer-grade multi-camera/digital video recorde... Read More »

Can a cheap lens ruin a camera camcorder, video camera ect.?

Ruin your camera? No. Ruin the quality of your image? Perhaps. Your lens is the most important and most expensive thing in your camera. Even more important than the camera itself. Cheap lenses are ... Read More »

Which is better to buy a camera with a video recorder or a camcorder with a camera?

It really does depend on what the intended primary purpose of the camera is, still or video pictures.Manufactures are wise (for their sake) not to make a camera that is as equally good at video as ... Read More »

Is a camcorder a camera and a video camera?

A camcorder (video camera recorder) is an electronic device that combines a video camera and a video recorder into one unit. Equipment manufacturers do not seem to have strict guidelines for the te... Read More »