Is a 256MB equal to 4GB or is it something else?

Answer a gb is 1024 mb. so a 4gb flash drive should be 4000 mb(do to market standards give or take a couple dozen mbs). You should take note however that factory standards for what constitutes a byte is d... Read More »

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Installed 512MB 133Mhz SDRAM into my P2 system with 256MB 133Mhz SDRAM installed and only 256MB RAM shows up?

Well maybe your motherboard doesnt support any higher than that. Happens alot.

Ram: Two 128 MB or one 256MB?

Technically there's no difference between 1 256MB and 2 128MB units, except in the case where something goes wrong.2 things can go wrong, your computer's mother board memory slots can fail/burn out... Read More »

Is 256mb enough for these games?

You'd be able to play those games with one problem, you will not be able to install the HD textures for battlefield 3 as they take a lot of space, but if the games are on disks you shouldn't have a... Read More »

What is 256MB DDR SDRAM?

DDR SDRAM is a type of computer memory module. Its initials stand for "double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory." 256MB DDR SDRAM is a memory module with a size of 256 megabytes.Re... Read More »