Is a 20 inch HDTV big enough to play a PS3 on ?

Answer GET THAT 20" HDTV it will be worth it especially if you have the HD PS3 will look 6times better!i have a 32" HDTV but 20 will also look good

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Best 32 Inch LCD HDTV to play my Xbox 360 on?

Panasonic 32lxd700. Brilliant picture, brilliant sound, no picture smear on sports or action, 3 hdmi ports and 2 scarts. You can get it at amazon for £779, but is cheaper at other online stores. J... Read More »

How to Clean a Panasonic 32-Inch LCD HDTV?

Panasonic makes a number of television sets, including a 32-inch LCD high-definition television. This HDTV is costly, and requires the proper care so you can get the most use out of the TV. You can... Read More »

How to Connect the Sony Bravia 46 Inch HDTV to a PC?

The Sony Bravia 46 inch HDTV has several convenient features that make it easier for a user to connect their PC to their television. The 46 inch Bravia comes with a direct PC video and audio input ... Read More »

What is the best 32 inch HDTV for Gaming?

Samsung, with at least 120 hz. refresh rate.... I would stay away from Sony, they are having issues with many new models being returned or replaced... You may still get lag from any LCD/LED while p... Read More »