Is a 20 inch HDTV big enough to play a PS3 on ?

Answer GET THAT 20" HDTV it will be worth it especially if you have the HD PS3 will look 6times better!i have a 32" HDTV but 20 will also look good

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Best 32 Inch LCD HDTV to play my Xbox 360 on?

Panasonic 32lxd700. Brilliant picture, brilliant sound, no picture smear on sports or action, 3 hdmi ports and 2 scarts. You can get it at amazon for £779, but is cheaper at other online stores. J... Read More »

How Far Away Should You Watch a 42 Inch HDTV?

Deleting a file in OS X does not permanently remove it from your computer. Much like the Recycle Bin on a PC, the Trash on a Mac holds all of your files until permanently "Removed from Trash." You ... Read More »

How much does a 60 inch HDTV cost?

There are lots of different models which range in quality, check out,, and to see some prices.

What is the best 32 inch HDTV for Gaming?

Samsung, with at least 120 hz. refresh rate.... I would stay away from Sony, they are having issues with many new models being returned or replaced... You may still get lag from any LCD/LED while p... Read More »