Is a 1x icon on kyocera cell phone bad?

Answer On One Hand: Simply a Difference Between CarriersThere are two different icons that might appear on your Kyocera cell phone. One is the 1x icon, and the other is a "D" icon, which is what your manu... Read More »

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What does a"G"icon mean on a cell phone?

The "G" icon on a cell phone represents General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). When the "G" icon appears on your mobile phone it is sending or receiving data from browsing the Internet or text messag... Read More »

How do I get rid of the headphone icon on a cell phone?

Hardware ResolutionPlug a wired earpiece into the headphone port, then quickly but gently remove it. If the headphone icon does not disappear, repeat this step three times. Because the phone mistak... Read More »

What does the cup of coffee icon mean on a Motorola cell phone?

The coffee cup icon on the top center of a Motorola cell phone's display screen indicates the device is using a Java-based application, such as a game. Java is a computer programming language. The ... Read More »

What does the aa icon on a samsung cell phone screen mean?

Some Samsung devices have a feature called "Auto Answer" that will automatically answer a call after a certain amount of time. When this feature is active, an "AA" icon displays on the screen.Sourc... Read More »