Is a 1gb flash drive better than a 16gb?

Answer NOO wtf lolmight be if the 1gb is amazing and 16 is shizen but usually not

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Is their a flash drive that can hold more than 16GB?… This holds 128.

How big of a flash drive do I really need on my iPad (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)?

16 GB will do. But I have a 32 GB iPad and it's really good to have lots of movies.

Is the 64GB iPhone 4S a better buy than the 16GB iPhone 4S?

It won't be any faster, but it can hold a LOT more data. If you are thinking about having about 100 songs, 100 contacts, and 100 pictures, 16 would be great. Anymore than that, and you may want a 3... Read More »

Is Flash Player better than Java?

On One Hand: Characteristics of FlashA study conducted by the technology department at the University of Colorado found that Flash is user friendly and is not dependent on any browser or computer p... Read More »