Is a 19in monitor good enough to play mw3?

Answer the screen size has suprizingly little to say about how good the screen is,, you need to look at the brightness, resolution, contrast ratio and so an aswell

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How can I play Amnesia The Dark Descent on Monitor 1 and have walkthrough on Monitor 2?

Two 19in monitors or one 27inch led?

Dual screen gaming setups are usually used so that you can have your game running full-screen in one monitor, and keep an eye on your social media and instant messaging programs on the other. If th... Read More »

How much should i sell a 19in HD ready TV for on Ebay.?

I have just purchased a 19inch with integrated DVD player and Freeview for £155 from Tesco, Depending on what condition its in, I'd sell it for around £70-£120

Can I use a computer monitor as a TV and a PC Monitor and play my Xbox and Computer on it?…