Is a 18x optical zoom good?

Answer Yes it is very good.

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Is 18x optical zoom a good zoom?

i would say generally yes. Though it depends on the camera. I have a full hd camera with 16x optical, which is fantastic for hd. I also have a standard definition one with 40x optical. 18X zoom sho... Read More »

Is 3x optical zoom good?

On One Hand: It Is Good.According to Kodak, if a camera boasts 3x optical zoom, the camera can bring your subject three times closer using an optic lens. If you're working with a 3x digital zoom, h... Read More »

What is the difference between optical zoom & digital zoom on a camera?

The optical zoom is a true zoom. The lens uses all of the sensor on the camera so the resolution remains the same at any focal length A "digital" zoom really only crops the sensor, thus reducing t... Read More »

What is the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom when using a camcorder?

Optical and digital zoom Optical zoom is the change created by focusing lenses to see further away or closer.Digital zoom is a change in the size of the digital optical reader surface used to read... Read More »