Is a 14-Inch Overall Height for a Faucet Too Big for a Standard Sink?

Answer Standard sinks are installed in many homes and apartments along with standard, builder's grade plumbing fixtures. If you plan on renovating a new home or older apartment, changing these fixtures is... Read More »

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What is the Standard height of bathroom sink backsplash?

What is standard height for a mirror to be hung over a bathroom sink?

There is not really a standard height since the people who live in the household may vary. Generally, all people, short and tall, should be able to at least see their heads and shoulders.

What is the standard height to hang a pendant light in front of the bathroom mirror over the sink?

It depends on the position of the bath or shower basin. Generally nowadays pendant light fittings are considered unsuitable for a bathroom.By asking this question you are probably not quite ready t... Read More »

What is the height of a 15 inch tv when the width is 12 inch?

This question can be solved using pythagorus, assuming the screen is a rectangle and 15in is the measurement of the diagonal (hypotenuse) of the screen.a2 = c2 - b2a2 = 152 - 122a2 = 225 - 144 = 81... Read More »