Is a 13 or 14-year-old mature enough to decide if they should have a baby?

Answer You are NOT ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're only 13 and you want a baby. I understand babies are cute and it would be nice to dress them up with their little sweaters, but you're not old or resp... Read More »

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Do you think my mature 14 year old son and his trustworthy 16 year old friend should be able to go to an AC DC concert by themselves?

Alone never! Absolutely, with supervision! I took my then 15 year old step-daughter and one of her friends to see ACDC about 12 - 15 years ago. They still bring it up from time to time.

Why does everyone always say that the baby isn't ready yet Does the baby really decide when labor begins or is it the womans body?

Answer It's actually the uterus and the umbilical chord. The female body produces repressors to tell its body cells not to attack the baby. When these repressors stop, the body rejects the baby, an... Read More »

How to deal with baby blues!!! mature ppl only?

I felt the exact same way after having our daughter. I missed being pregnant really badly and wanted another one right away. My husband felt the same way....So we were very excited when we found ou... Read More »

How to Be a Mature 12 Year Old?

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