Is a 113 pounds good for a 5'5 girl?

Answer With 113lbs and 5'5" you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 18.8, this is on the verge of being underweight however if you are young and still growing then there is no problem with this weight and height

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What if your 102 pounds and you lose 50 pounds is that good or bad?

Is 60 pounds too low for a 10-year-old girl?

Please click on the link below. This will help you. is a normal weight for a child of a certain height and age

Is 99 pounds overweight for a 4' 11 girl?

That's a perfect weight for someone 4'11. 5 feet is 100 pounds, 5'2 is 110, 5'3 115 and so forth. Add 5 pounds with every inch and you've got the ideal weight for that height.

Is 108 pounds and 5'1 fat for a 8th grade girl?

For your height that is a perfect weight! A person 5'1 should be around 112lbs. Even though in the past year you have gained over 10 pounds that is totally normal. Your only in 8th grade, and last ... Read More »