Is Zeolite a clay?

Answer Zeolite is a crystalline mineral that is porous in structure, yet remains rigid when in water. The mineral forms in the cavity of volcanic rocks due to a low grade metamorphism. Zeolites are not cl... Read More »

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What Is Zeolite Clay?

Zeolite is an alumino-silicate mineral with a porous crystalline structure that stays hard in water. There are approximately 50 types of zeolite, each with its own chemical and physical properties.... Read More »

How to Make Clay Slip and Paper Clay to Correct Cracks in a Sculpture?

Paper clay is a form of clay used in pottery to which strips of paper is added. The paper reinforces the clay, making it much stronger once it dries. The paper clay can be used to create a sculptur... Read More »

What Type of Clay Is Used for Incan Clay Pots?

Incan pottery was mainly created out of earthenware. Earthenware is clay that is collected along riverbanks and cleaned up for creating pottery. Incan pottery was designed primarily for use, but du... Read More »

What is NCD Zeolite?

NCD Zeolite is a product sold and marketed by The product itself is a liquid made from volcanic, negatively-charged minerals. Because of its negative charge, NCD Zeolite, when consumed,... Read More »