Is Zachary Levi jewish?

Answer According to an interview with "Relevant Magazine," Zachary Levi is a Christian. Though Levi is a Jewish surname, it is actually the actor's middle name. He dropped his original last name of Pugh w... Read More »

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How tall is Zachary Levi?

Zachary Levi is famous for portraying the title character Chuck Bartowski in the NBC series "Chuck." He is 6'4" tall. Levi previously appeared in a number of television movies and in "Less Than Per... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Zachary?

The boy’s name Zachary is a variant of the Biblical name Zachariah, which means “Yahweh has remembered.” The name derives from the Hebrew elements “zachar,” meaning “to remember” and... Read More »

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Who was the mother of Levi?

The mother of Levi was Leah. She became Jacob's first wife through her father Laban's trickery and gave birth to six children. According to Genesis 29:32-34, Levi was among these children.Source:Da... Read More »