Is Youtube slow for anyone else?

Answer Works fine for me! YouTube's servers are strong enough to handle a few extra thousand people who tuned it for Mitt Romney (who won't win anyways ;D).

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Is YouTube being really slow for anyone else at the moment?

No, it isnt just you mines hardly buffering a 3 minute long video. i just think my whole internet is really slow today

YouTube!! IS anyone else having problems opening YouTube?

probably the server went down for a bit because it was overloaded. no cause for alarm. it happens a lot. if you are THAT dependent on it, now thats a problem.

Is facebook being slow and unresponsive for anyone else Feb. 25th 2012?

Yes! It has worked all day for me and as soon as I saw your question I went back to fb and couldn't even get the page to load. So I came back to yahoo to answer you. They must be down everywhere- S... Read More »

Is youtube not working for anyone else?

mine too :( It's been working poorly the past few days with only some videos loading, so hopefully their fixing that.