Is Youtube censoring swear words in comments?

Answer Wow, freedom of speech, huh? **** youtube!!

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How to Replace Swear Words with Less Offensive Words?

Though you may not realize it, swearing actually offends people. Furthermore, many people who are offended are slow to make it known for fear of ridicule. Avoiding swearing can also make you appear... Read More »

Why are swear words, swear words?

Think about what they mean:Fxck - is that a nice way to describe what should be two people who care deeply for each other making love? I think not. xDSh-t - Trash. Do you want to be referred to as ... Read More »

How to Make up Your Own Swear Words?

This is a guide to making your own swear words up!

How many swear words are used in the TV drama The Wire?

1.) Paperwork 2.) Driving/Waiting3.) Lunch4.) Booking5.) Traffic Violation