Is Your Neighborhood Starbucks Closing What Can We Do?

Answer I understand your concern, but it's best to evaluate the situation by looking at the overall picture.The fact that so many Starbucks are closing is not really a cause for alarm. What's happening is... Read More »

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If the neighborhood restricts above ground pools does that help increase the home value in the neighborhood?

Answer Difficult question for an above-ground pool company to answer. The premise of the question suggests your answer. Many realtors, as well as surrounding homeowners, see the above-ground opti... Read More »

How to Keep Your Neighborhood Clean?

Nobody likes to live in an area with trash everywhere and all types of pollution. Unfortunately, many people live in this type of place, but there are ways they can contribute to making the area ni... Read More »

How to Help Improve Your Neighborhood?

Your surroundings have a huge impact on your life. Not only does your own home affect your mental health but so does your whole neighborhood. Not only this, but your property values are strongly in... Read More »

Can I sue the salon in my neighborhood for this PLEASE HELP?

Having your hair straight doesn't seem so bad, but the smell of rubber seems bad. I mean, I like straight hair --I'm a guy.Don't worry about internet bullies on yahoo. In fact, you can report them ... Read More »