Is YouTube being really slow for anyone else at the moment?

Answer No, it isnt just you mines hardly buffering a 3 minute long video. i just think my whole internet is really slow today

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Im looking to buy a new graphics card! The games I bought at the moment, skyrim and minecraft, run slow......?

I'm very sorry to say that you are unable to get another GPU. This is due to the fact that it is a laptop, Laptops usually come with their own manufactured motherboard, so you can't add new process... Read More »

Can anyone get onto youtube at the moment?

Down for me as well it may be getting updated or whatever but it should be up again soon

Youtube not working at the moment?

That was happening to me the other day. Might just be a Youtube error. Who knows.

Will you take a moment to check out my YouTube channel?

I think you would be delightful dinner conversation.