Is Yahoo's policy of allowing only English-language questions a bunch of rubbish?

Answer theres international ones for those who cant speak english or dont want to. it makes it easier otherwise imagine all the questions you'll be hunting through to find one in englishand correction to ... Read More »

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Why are the English so rubbish with the internet?

Ha-ha, you've really opened up a can of worms there, haven't you? You could have presented your question in a more, let's just say, English-friendly way, but I get your meaning.I do believe it's mo... Read More »

Who thinks that Yahoo should be liable for allowing minors to ask the sexual questions on here?

Building a new computer- Bunch of questions!?

Oh, so you are clueless with computers, but you are still building it yourself. Why don't you start by doing some research yourself?

YouTube shows up in the wrong language on my computer. Does anyone know how to change the language to English?

on the top right corner of the screen on the you tube homepagethere is a little picture of a flag click on it and you get to choose the language click on the little globe to go to the english you t... Read More »