Is Yahoo answers better than myspace?

Answer I think it is better. I think Myspace is filled with fake people pawning lame stuff.

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I Just heard about google answers for the first time, was it better than yahoo answers?

I used Google Answers for a couple of years. It was much more useful to me than this site is. For one thing, there were no crappy answers. All answers were worth reading. There was a fee to ask... Read More »

I wonder what miss better than thou's kids are doing while she is messing around on yahoo answers?

Wishing they were in day care so they have some friends to play with , hahahaaaaa!

Yahoo better than google i think yahoo search engine is far better?

Google search engine is technically far efficient and more thorough!Also try iGoogle beats Yahoo hands down.

Do you use your pc for anything other than Yahoo Answers?

Is this supposed to be a sarcastic question? If it is, I see that you're using Yahoo answers-do YOU use your pc for anything else??