Is Xp is better or vista?

Answer in simple words vista is high ram consuming but have high grafics and Xp Has Low Graphics but Low Ram Consuming Also

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I have been told to stay away from vista, so from what you know, which is better, vista or xp?

Don't be scared of Vista or the scaremongering put out about Vista - they said the same thing about going from Win 98 to XP.Vista is fine - although I would say - don't upgrade over XP - do a clean... Read More »

Is Vista or Mac better?

mac woot, you can run PC off mac if u change ur mind

Is Windows XP better or Vista?

Well, xp gets about 10 times more viruses and system crashes than vista. XP can be hacked in under 20min, vista can only be hacked if someone has 2.5 days and access to the actual hardware. I'm not... Read More »

Which is better XP or Vista?