Is XoftspySE a good program?

Answer It is junk.XoftspySE gives a free scan only ... no free fix... which will claim to find a ridiculous number of infections on your computer. Then you have to buy the program to remove the imaginary ... Read More »

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Who makes XoftSpySE?

ParetoLogic, Inc. makes the XoftSpySE software program, which is used to block the installation of and assist with the removal of spyware. Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Paret... Read More »

How to Design a Good Program?

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Is AVG virus scanner a good program?

me myself I use McAfee and I really like it alot. I did not much about computers at the time before my Internet provider told me about it. I had A Trojan virus and as soon as I scan my computer usi... Read More »

Is DeVry Institute a good program?

On One Hand: DeVry Institute Offers a Unique EducationDeVry Institute boasts a few special features. The first benefit is the diversity in the student population. According to an article published ... Read More »