Is Xbox the best game system?

Answer On One Hand: The Xbox 360The Xbox 360 is the system of choice for those who take games seriously. Most games support online play through Microsoft's Xbox Live community and getting into an online g... Read More »

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How to System Link Two or More Xbox or Xbox 360 Consoles?

This will explain to you how to system link three or more Xbox consoles and allow you to play with up to 10 local players.

Can an Xbox system play Xbox 360 games?

The original Xbox console can not play Xbox 360 games. The Xbox was created several years before the Xbox 360, and does not contain the necessary hardware to play high-definition games.References:X... Read More »

How to Upload an Xbox Game to an Xbox 360 Console?

Uploading a game to your Xbox 360 consol is a good idea for several reasons. First, it allows you to keep playing the game even if the disk gets scratched or damaged. Second, loading the game onto ... Read More »

Does the Xbox game"The Sims 2"work on the Xbox 360?

The original Xbox game "Sims 2" will work on the Xbox 360, but both a hard drive and a software update are required in order to use the game on the system.References:Xbox: Backwards Compatibility List