Is Wormwood used for detoxification?

Answer Yes

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What is detoxification?

The process of getting the poisons out of your bodily systems...

What is ion cleanse detoxification?

Ion cleanse detoxification is a process of ridding the body of toxins through the generation of positive and negative ions through a foot bath. The foot bath water changes in color, identifying the... Read More »

What are detoxification foot pads?

Detoxification foot pads are based on ancient Asian medicine. Worn overnight on the soles of the feet, these pads are supposed to pull toxins from the body out through the feet. While there is no s... Read More »

Research Projects in Detoxification by Herbs?

Herbal detoxification is a controversial topic in alternative medicine. Some swear by herbal detoxification methods, while others regard these methods as pseudo-science. Nevertheless, a great deal ... Read More »